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Data Capture Services

Infinity BPO Services offer premium data capture services to our customers across the world. Data capture services refers to the process of collecting, arranging, sorting, formatting and storing data in an electronic format. Data capturing and digitizing them is a tedious, time consuming and costly Process. But today, using advance technology tools and latest software it becomes easier and more convenient. The process of converting hard copy files into digital format is called data capture.


Infinity BPO Services offer comprehensive range of data capture services. We provide remote data capture and electronic data capture services to our clients at affordable rates. With our online data capture services it is possible to digitize huge volumes of data in short timelines



Our data capture services following business areas: -

  • Forms capture
  • Electronic publication
  • Microfilm, microfiche capture
  • Magnetic tape, photo data capture
  • Scanning and imaging
  • Data capture from vouchers, receipts, surveys and coupons
  • Paper to image conversion
  • Birth records, municipal records and town records data entry
  • Tally chats

Our experienced and professionals team help you extract and capture critical information from all types of documents whether printed or scanned as well as online directories/catalogs without compromising with quality. Our Data Capture/Data Entry/Keying Services professionals can enter all kinds of data – textual or numeric – with 99.99% accuracy. We provide our data capture services using the most advanced technologies including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) wherever needed.

We not only provide all round document management solutions to help your business in becoming more productive, systematic, methodical, save time as well as money. Our data capture process for your entire business solutions included converting physical documents such as files, paper and more, management for HR records, like employees data, company information, legislation and compliance, share, manage and store into the digital documents and helps your business process to run very smoothly.

We pay full attention and make every project successful in time. We offer the fastest turnaround times and most affordable data capture services. We have many satisfied clients, both large and small including the Public sector and Private Sector. We deliver quick data capture services at the most competitive rates with 99.99% accuracy.

Contact us for accurate, quality and affordable data capture services.