Data Processing


Forms processing

Infinity BPO Services is a reliable firm based in India that is best recognized for forms processing services in a secure manner. We provide high level of accuracy, timely deliver, confidentiality and cost effective online / offline forms process services.


We retrieve data from various types of handwritten and typed forms we capture data with 99.99% accuracy. Our forms processing services help organizations convert large volumes of documents into electronic formats.


Mostly we follow manual processing for handwritten forms like feedback forms, survey forms, insurance claims, registration forms, etc. we conduct both manual and web based data entry in spreadsheets, digital database, etc. as per the client requirements. In order to maintain quality, we prefer manual data entry side by side with other processes. We execute additional manual quality checks in the final stage for totally error free work.



We provide following forms processing services such as: -

  • Accounts Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Vouchers Forms
  • Purchase orders Form
  • Market research form processing
  • Online form processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Coupon redemption forms
  • Preparation of documents
  • Credit card form processing
  • Loan application processing
  • Immigration Forms
  • Rental Forms
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Medical claim forms
  • Patient records form
  • Product registration forms
  • Questionnaires and surveys form processing
  • Legal forms
  • Tax forms
  • Manual data capture from forms
  • Rental forms
  • Examination forms processing
  • Results processing
  • License form processing
  • Resume processing
  • Form design and scanning

Infinity BPO Services offer the form processing services for structured and non-structured forms. We help you to store large volumes of data in more accurate, secure and efficient manner. We have many years of experience in form process services our highly dedicated professional expertise can handle any type of document in forms process services even if the forms are in hardcopy or scanned formats, team of professionals can easily extract all the required and relevant data and organize them in most suitable, digital and editable formats.

We provide one stop solutions for almost all types of forms processing services. We can capture voluminous data from different forms at a much faster pace. We maintain complete data security and ensure that the privacy of your business-critical data is never at risk.

Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost effective Forms processing services.