Data Conversion


OCR Conversion

Due to a rise in the demand for quicker data entry services, OCR or optical character recognition has taken over the market by storm. The procedure through which text files are considered for capturing image files in ASCII and Unicode formats is referred to as OCR.


Infinity BPO Services is known for provide premium quality OCR clean up services as per client requirements. Our dedicated and professional teams are capable to handles the most critical documents conversions with ease. With our state-of-art technology makes us capable of handling huge and long term projects and delivers them on turnaround time.



We specialize in providing wide range of OCR conversion Services for any type of formats such as: -

  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • XML
  • XPS (XML paper Specification)
  • Open office documents

Our OCR conversion service has very useful and affordable for various businesses across worldwide with Infinity BPO Services you can saves 60% of the cost and time. We provide absolute risk FREE OCR conversion services at competitive rates in the field of OCR conversion.



We expertise in following OCR Conversion Services:-

  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Large format drawings
  • Aperture Cards
  • Directories
  • Newspaper OCR
  • MICR
  • Manuscripts
  • Typewritten or printed images OCR
  • Music OCR
  • Insurance Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Banking Forms
  • Bounded Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Bill Remittance Forms
  • General coding
  • Litigation coding, etc...

Our high quality OCR conversion services have enabled us to convert over thousands of books so far with 99.99% accuracy. After OCR conversion of the texts, our teams are manually proof reading and edit that the originality of the format remains unaltered. Then they are focus on headers, footers, charts, images, tables, etc... of the OCR document remain as it is in the original book this process need more attention and precision in work.

We transform your information into printable electronic format this makes your core business activities much simpler and easier at cheapest and affordable cost.


Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost effective OCR conversion services.