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Web Research Services

Web Research is a process where the data is obtained by doing a search through different search engines and store the relevant information in spreadsheet or database in-depth online research support to help your business gain a competitive edge.


Infinity BPO Services is leading web research company specialize in data mining, data collection and data research for diversified industry domains including banking and finance, education, healthcare management, insurance, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, retail and many more.


We have successfully completed Web Research projects for a range of industries like finance, e-commerce, engineering, hospitals, healthcare, insurance, legal, logistics, marketing, manufacturing, market research, publishing, real estate, universities etc using different processes like online data analysis, data capture, data acquisition, data mining and screen scrapping.



We provide in-depth Web Research Services such as: -

  • Professional profiles, resumes, contact details like name, address, e-mail, phone numbers, etc.
  • Mortgages, land records, title research, deeds, foreclosures, releases, credits, etc.
  • Products Research
  • Research on the competitor
  • Research for advertising
  • Research related to a brand/corporate image
  • Research on email
  • E-Commerce, mobile devices, movies, pictures, digital media, online shopping, cell phones, TV, etc.
  • Events Research, exhibition, trade show, seminar, webinars etc..
  • Document Research, relevant online journals, magazines, thesis, technical, white papers, news, etc.
  • Business Research, industry research, competitor analysis, market report, financial / annual report etc.

We use specialized automated tools, spiders and macros and automated web research tools to scrape all types of data from the internet. Along with that, we also ensure data validation & database creation in a standard format. Infinity BPO Services provides complete customization of its web research services.

Our experienced, proficient in English & highly skilled professional web researchers have the acumen of providing cost-effective internet data research in shortest turnaround time. We strengthen your business with intelligent market research & data for marketing campaigns. For all your web research requirements; we are your one-stop solution.

Contact us to get high quality, time bound and cost-effective web research services.