Scanning Services


OCR Scanning & ICR Processing

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the process of converting image files into text in ASCII and Unicode formats. This is a highly specialized process that requires high resolution scanners and the expertise of trained resources.



OCR is one of the latest technologies used by many of the data conversion service providers. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a powerful technique, methods that involves in converting diverse images into machine editable text, picture of character into ACII, Unicode standard format that can be simply identified by computers. Outsourcing Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) services become a profitable option are available to meet most of the industry standard and large scale business requirements.


Nowadays OCR and ICR services are running rapidly, thus we have realized that OCR and ICR services are backbone of data process and outsourcing industry. We provide accurate customized OCR/ICR solutions to our customers from various business industry areas from across the world.



Our OCR/ICR scanning services that include:-

  • Image and Indexing Scanning
  • Handwritten and printed text
  • OCR for typewritten text
  • OCR document conversion
  • Conversion of scanned images data into digital text files
  • OCR scanning
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Books or magazines scanning
  • Directories Scanning
  • CD-ROM Cataloging and Publishing
  • Internet publishing OCR
  • Proofreading Services
  • Indexing and converting the documents
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Cleanup
  • Barcode recognition
  • Research areas
  • MICR code entry

Our high quality OCR conversion services have enabled us to convert over thousands of books so far with 99.99% accuracy. After OCR conversion of the texts, we are proof read and manually edited by our skilled personnel so that the originality of the format remains unaltered.

We also offer advance Intelligence Character Recognition (ICR) services is a latest version of OCR. Our ICR services allow data capture software to interpret data automatically from all sort of documents. Using latest ICR technology we transform your handwritten or printed reports into Word or PDF files as per your choice format. To increase your business productivity and to automate use our low cost ICR services at 60% cutting rates.


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